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Welcome to Royal Range Private Limited

Since 1991, Royal Range Private Limited is serving as a global manufacturer and reliable exporter of Uniforms and Uniform Accessories to overseas Military forces, Police forces, Rescue forces and other Public & Private institutions.
Royal Range Private Limited is a notable provider to numerous Southeast Asian, European, Middle Eastern and African nations. We have vast experience in the manufacturing of all kinds of Uniforms, Combat Clothing, Highly Reflective Wears, Vests, Rain Suits, Woolen Berets, Peak Caps, Woolen Jerseys, Hosieries, Metallic Buttons & Badges, Head Wears, Gloves, Leather Belts & Boots, Embroidered Crests & Badges, Lanyard, Aiguillette, Brads, Sashes, Sword Knots, Hackles, Dress Cords, Epaulettes, Ribbons, Canvas Belts, Canvas Anklets, Peaks, Oak, Saddles, Garget Collar Badges, Tussles, Bags, T-shirts, Polo shirts, Blazers, Trousers, Shorts, Soft-shell Jackets, Leather Wears, Sports wears, Medical apparels, School uniforms, Industrial and Corporate Wears etc.
Dedication and hard work is paid in product creation and quality control, according to client's details followed by customer's satisfaction. Materials utilized are reasonable for calm or tropical conditions, as suitable. We have manufacturing units in Pakistan and supply and delivery offices in UK and Malaysia to deal with the fare matters from airports and shipping ports for Europe and Southeast Asia, explicitly.
At Royal Range Private Limited, greatness in quality and consumer loyalty is genuinely the most significant rules we follow. We carefully focus on item's durability, specific customer needs alongside on-time delivery of products.
Royal Range Private Limited is continually striving to be the vendor of choice for customers with their constant innovative products and practices and following a constant improvement. Integrity, commitment, trust and mutual respect is our emphasis among the other Global manufacturers and exporters of uniform and related accessories.